NOTE: Older versions of the assembly produced during initial sequencing of the genome are included for historical reference of Porphyra RCN project members, but the published genome is v. 1.5. For details on filtering and assembly of v.1.5 PacBio (with indel correction from earlier Illumina sequencing), please refer to the published supplement to the Porphyra genome paper.

1. Porphyra umbilicalis genome annotation guide
2. Gracilariopsis chorda genome assembly, predicted proteins and gff annotations
3. Porphyridium purpureum genome assembly, predicted proteins and gff annotations, v.2
4. Rossoni et. al. 2019 red algal genome data (C. merolae, G. phlegrea, G. sulphuraria strains), Orthogroup trees and alignments, Orthogroup .fasta files, and single gene trees
5. Porphyra haitanensis genome assembly, predicted proteins and CDS, v1
6. Porphyra yezoensis genome assembly, predicted proteins and CDS, v1


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